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flexible_generator.hx is modified so that:

  1. if mods are detected, half of the vanilla items for the selected episode will be relegated to the back of the item pool (effectively halving the chance of seeing a vanilla item), and
  2. mod item pools which are larger than the corresponding vanilla item pool's default size will be trimmed down to that many items, ensuring all mod item pools will have a fair representation (unless they're smaller than the vanilla pool)

This is how I originally envisioned the flexible generators working. These parts were deemed unnecessary by Jackeea when he cleaned up my code (though I still thank him for fixing it up and actually applying the generator code to each episode).

This only works with v1.9, but is compatible with any mod that uses the flexible generators and does not overwrite flexible_generator.hx for any reason.  Obviously this won't be very useful until people tweak or put out new versions of their mods to fit into the new generators.


betteritemdistribution.zip 21 kB

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the generator here is made out of generator

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