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Framework for allowing "Jr."-like mods to add remix rules that will be properly shown in Bonus Round.

For non-modders:

  • Do not install this mod unless another mod explicitly tells you to. At best the game will be indistinguishable from vanilla, at worst you'll mess up remix rules for a mod that doesn't use this.
  • Load this mod last, when possible, so if a mod supports both the normal way of adding remix rules and this way of adding remix rules, then it will use this way.

For modders:

  • If you're used to normal flexgen, this shouldn't be too difficult. Put your remix rules generator in data/text/scripts/diceydungeons/remixrules/, and make it return an array containing:
    • An array (preventclashes), containing:
      • Arrays containing each combination of rules that should clash.
    • An array, containing:
      • Four "finaloffer" arrays (2 through 5), each containing the rules you want added to those stages of the remix rule offers.
    • See vanilla.hx as an example.
    Then _append your generator's name to scriptstorun.txt in the same folder. And of course make sure your generator doesn't return preexisting vanilla rules.
  • Note that you can add clashes for rules that do not exist, in case a rule in another mod would conflict with one of yours.


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