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Now updated for v1.9!

ncrmod so far contains:

  • Three episodes each for Warrior, Inventor, Robot, and Jester: one with exclusively new or recontextualized equipment, one with new equipment and new remix rules, and one that's a blend of standard Bonus Round and new equipment/rules
  • Two gimmick episodes for Inventor and Robot each (eventually more to come for other characters), including an Inventor episode where all equipment that spawns for you is entirely randomized
  • Over 200 new items - Inventor's first modded equipment-only episode contains ~75 unique items alone
  • Over 60 new gadgets to accommodate the above items
  • 41 new remix rules
  • Finite, stackable Vanish (does not replace normal infinite Vanish)

ncrmod also has a "Jr." version with no episodes, designed to be compatible with flexible generators.

Everything this mod provides is CC0 (except the copyrighted music, which is pretty much all of it, and anything else copyrighted I forgot?), meaning it can be freely tinkered with or borrowed or remixed or whatever without requiring my permission.

All copyrighted music and sound files are tagged appropriately in the metadata so you can identify what songs they are. It's mainly stuff from alpha/beta Dicey Dungeons and music Chipzel contributed to Crypt of the NecroDancer.

Please report any bugs you find on https://github.com/ncrecc/ncrmod/issues.

Install instructions

Drop the "ncrmod" folder within the .zip into Dicey Dungeons' "mods" directory. On Windows, that's C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dicey Dungeons\mods\.


ncrmod.zip 21 MB

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