v0. Warrior 2.1.1 [hotterfix]

A hotfix again, yay! Last for now, I promise.

  • Fixed Wrongo+ crash due to malformed jinx (thanks cody!)
  • Sneezy? rule now refuses to activate countdowns, because enemies don't do well with boostcountdowns activating stuff, and its description has been changed accordingly (thanks cody!)
  • Tear Down This Wall- now works as the description implies rather than only having an effect on 6. This wasn't urgent, but I noticed it pretty easily when I was scrolling through the equipment.csv
  • Warrior's NCR Medley no longer crashes on startup (thanks cody, matz!)
  • Changed Halligan Bar's upgrade, because I was never really happy with the original - now reduces countdowns by d/2 on even rather than being a size upgrade. Also not urgent but a really quick change.
  • Magician? rule and Loud Bird? rule may no longer coincide, since both change your limit break.

I also wanted to rework the Copycat? rule to make it less unbalanced in your favor, and fix the many bugs involving AI trying to use complex equipment like Revolver (i.e. put some if(simulation) and if(self.isplayer) bandages over them) but that would probably take a while and I really should be back to work on my collab mod now.


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May 06, 2020

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