v0.6.1: Considerably-above-average-temperature-fix

If terry gets to issue a hotfix for v1.9, I get to issue a hotfix for ncrmod updated to v1.9 :P

  • Fixed Mars Fly Trap+ requiring a 5 for its effect rather than a 6 (though this item never appears normally)
  • Names of shop item replacements made when the Chip Socket pack is taken are no longer traced to console
  • The Paralyze and Restrain statuses now work
  • The Error status now has a custom symbol
  • Uninitialized Behavior no longer crashes the game. This makes it slightly less thematic.
  • Sneezy? no longer softlocks enemies with shocked countdown cards (thanks 25fan!)
  • Completely redid Industrial Press, as previous design (shield that also bashes on a certain number) was very difficult to balance - near-useless if you don't have other shield items, ultra strong if you do. Now a Wooden Shield that does 4 damage on 4
  • Fixed text bleed on Blessed Wand of Wishing

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