v0.6.2: Drop it like it's hot (fix)

It's me again with another hotfix. Yay!

  • Gadsby Gun and its + variant should now rightly count capital symbols
  • Introduced Roman Candle as a complement to Gadsby Gun (thanks, kirby_dungeons!)
  • Wrongo is now unfuryable, since Reverse Next Target doesn't stack
  • Platonic Dice episode now saves current dice range properly if you quit and re-enter the episode
  • Fixed missing end paren in Emulator gadget script (what a bad roll!)
  • Fixed orphaned end brace in Survivor's Guilt script
  • As Jester, Remaster no longer puts the upgraded equipment into your hand if it's off-screen, and shows a text particle with the name of the equipment for clarity
  • The rare "Error" status now tries not to take effect on shocked or weakened equipment (unless self-inflicted mid-turn), as that wastes the shock or weaken status
  • Aoife? is now more robust (now excludes button text on powercards, now excludes text in [brackets])
  • Gadget Roll and Mirror Smash now work in Robot ep. 5; equipment removed because of those skills not working have been re-added
  • Removed Junk Sword from Robot ep. 5 due to the Less Fluff gadget plain not working as Robot
  • As Robot, Pure Evil now only curses you once you hit Jackpot (instead of at start of turn)
  • Uberbump and Ubernudge now make "diceroll" sfx
  • Drake's innate text is changed to "can only be killed with a steel sword" if you are carrying a Steel Sword when you enter the fight. I haven't found a way to visually update the Vampire status effect description yet.
  • Winds of Christmas, although it does not appear anywhere, now actually halves your gold like it says it does.

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