v0.6.3: 1. (of an object) Having a high temperature.fix

  • Fixed Shock Therapy and Humility not healing, and jinx text being too long
  • Fixed Shock Therapy- having no effect, although it does not appear anywhere
  • Fixed Wail Bat not disabling your limit break
  • Fixed Extreme Detail Bat not having sfx
  • Fixed Rusty Key crash, & reverted a change I made where it would just split the dice you put in if that was the highest dice (which essentially made it Scissors but way easier to use)
  • Fixed Rusty Key not doing anything on dodge
  • Fixed CfB Wolf Puppy? not doing anything
  • Fixed Uninitialized Behavior doing nothing, another tradeoff of thematic relevance
  • Fixed Supervolcano and related items being permanently unusable when used on 6
  • Fixed crash when loading NCR Round Inventor (thanks Zording!)
  • Fixed another Emulator crash (thanks Zording!)
  • You can no longer get infinite uses of Gadget Roll and Mirror Smash through Emulator - this addition I actually tested :P
  • Smartwatch and related items can no longer be reused, shocked, or alt poisoned (thanks AngelMoon!)
  • Nerfed We Watch and We Wait
  • Penultima Weapon now busts you by setting your CPU to 1 above the roll target, rather than adding 999 CPU. This looks much better
  • A few more equipment/skills that inflict Error now use the roboterror sfx instead of _shock
  • Industrial Press's description is now the right way around
  • Warm Oobleck, Frozen Oobleck, and Invisible Oobleck are now properly swapped by Wisp? and Marshmallow
  • Winds of Christmas, although it does not appear anywhere, now actually halves your gold like it says it does.
  • Comedy now has the Error icon instead of the Curse icon
  • Version number is now correct

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