• Fixed saving in Not Just a Robot (non-jr ncrmod)
  • Reworked Space Marine? entirely, it now nudges a random dice whenever you use an equipment rather than increasing all countdowns by 1 whenever you use an equipment. The old behavior didn't matter if you had no countdown items and caused bugs with some e.dicehistory equipment.
  • Reworked Copycat? similarly, it now makes you copy all your enemy's equipment for the first turn of every fight rather than permanently overwriting one of your equipment with a random enemy equipment each battle. The old behavior, I feel, has no satisfying resolution for what to do if you bring only small equipment and the enemy has only large equipment.
  • Fixed Skeleton? not setting your HP to 1 if you take it while at 10 or less HP.
  • Fixed Kraken? not working
  • Decimate no longer has underwhelming sfxdamage
  • Rebalanced finale cards a bit further: Remaster and Reissue now require two odd/even dice, and Anger is now one MIN2 slot
  • Loud Bird? rule no longer persists into next run
  • Aoife? and Fireman? now only do their end turn thing when the enemy is not at 0 HP
  • Fixed Zombocom and Obmozcom crash. (Zombo has lied to you! You can't do anything with Zombocom.)
  • Fixed Manual Turret respawning its spare dice when any equipment is used as Jester
  • Fixed text bleed on Milky Potion
  • Fixed Ego Stroke not being reuseable
  • Dynamite, Ol' Reliable, and Sleight of Hand no longer conflict with Grab Bag
  • Fixed some erratic behavior with Aurora and Mood Change
  • Reverse Emulation no longer reverts to Broken Gadget if the enemy doesn't use anything on their turn
  • Fixed Reverse Emulation not actually being once per battle when copying gadgets marked "(once)" (former behavior: disappeared for your next turn, then came back the turn after)
  • Reverse Emulation- is now Bubble Gun. Rejoice.
  • Fixed CfB Robobot not doing damage
  • Fixed instances where selecting a character in the editor or starting an episode would cause an immediate crash if you've played a Jester episode this session (non-jr ncrmod)
  • Fixed Roman Candle's extra effect activating on some incorrect gadget names
  • Fixed Tap not properly inserting dice into RANGE and NEEDS X equipment
  • Fixed how Tap selects the "next" card for classes who don't use a Jester deck, even though those classes currently never get Tap as a normal drop. Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair.
  • Similarly, fixed Radio Dial not setting your gadget to Tap's gadget if used via Tap.
  • Fixed Less Fluff not working, and changed how it defines your "first card"
  • Toolbox no longer activates Sneezy rule every time it cycles
  • Fixed Toolbox occasionally returning a dice on 1 or 6
  • Fixed Autohook being incremented by Toolbox cycles
  • Slightly changed Val rule - it now changes each equipment to another equipment of the same color, which i thought was more thematic
  • Fixed Time Lapse being once per battle even if you didn't gain an extra turn from it
  • Fixed Chip Socket pack not working in Jester episodes 2 and 3 (non-jr ncrmod)
  • Error status now removes dice from cards that are about to be errored


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Sep 28, 2020

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