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music pack i assembled with a lot of loops manually made from songs that originally did not loop (or had vocal parts). mostly a mixture of laid-back electro and funk, but the overworld music is more ambient.

replaces files in soundstuff directly. load after other mods that do direct song replacements (e.g. ncrmod) if you want this to overwrite those

credits below; more info in song metadata

title: Keith LeBlanc - Enjoy
character select: Keith LeBlanc - Invisible Instrumental; Spike - Invisible
bestiary: Andy Fairley - Fun + Games
tutorial (gameshow): SCATTLE - Doorbells
jungle: Nicklas 'Nifflas' Nygren - Dr Magma's Challenge
dungeon: SCATTLE - Factory
castle: 0999 - gau
crystal mountain: Morusque - Gold
library: Stellwagen Symphonette - Beignet
volcano: Nicklas 'Nifflas' Nygren - Hevore 0
grotto: Missing Brazilians - Ace of Wands
ice: Nicklas 'Nifflas' Nygren - Snow Beauty
dark forest - Nicklas 'Nifflas' Nygren - The Web
combat1: Havoc - Novocalville
combat2: Strange Parcels - Sorry Bootsy; タモリ - Tamori's Nightmare
combat3: Mark Stewart - Hysteria Dub
combat4: Keith LeBlanc - Unsanity Instrumental Mix; Spike - Unsanity
combat5: Barmy Army - Stadium Rock
combat6: Moby - Elekfunk (Teetow remix feat. Romeo Knight)
combat8jester: SCATTLE - PXTUNE (Souleye - Positive Force cover)
combat9: Trombone Shorty - Dumaine St.
combatboss: Limit - scream of the earth
victory: 0999 - hors
low health: Ridiculon - Devoid (___________)
blacksmith: Keith LeBlanc - No Sell Out (Instrumental) [portion 1]
shop: Keith LeBlanc - No Sell Out (Instrumental) [portion 2]
trading post: Keith LeBlanc - No Sell Out (Instrumental) [portion 3]


ncrmusic.zip 71 MB

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