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music pack i assembled with a lot of loops manually made from songs that originally did not loop (or had vocal parts). mostly a mixture of laid-back electro and funk, but the overworld music is more ambient, and a little chip here and there.

replaces files in soundstuff directly. load after other mods that do direct song replacements (e.g. ncrmod) if you want this to overwrite those

credits below; more info in song metadata

title: Keith LeBlanc - Enjoy
character select: Keith LeBlanc - Invisible Instrumental; Spike - Invisible
bestiary: Andy Fairley - Fun + Games
tutorial (gameshow): SCATTLE - Doorbells
jungle: Nicklas 'Nifflas' Nygren - Dr Magma's Challenge
dungeon: SCATTLE - Factory
castle: 0999 - gau
crystal mountain: Morusque - Gold
library: Stellwagen Symphonette - Beignet
volcano: Nicklas 'Nifflas' Nygren - Hevore 0
grotto: Missing Brazilians - Ace of Wands
ice: Nicklas 'Nifflas' Nygren - Snow Beauty
dark forest - Nicklas 'Nifflas' Nygren - The Web
combat1: Havoc - Novocalville
combat2: Strange Parcels - Sorry Bootsy; タモリ - Tamori's Nightmare
combat3: Mark Stewart - Hysteria Dub
combat4: Keith LeBlanc - Unsanity Instrumental Mix; Spike - Unsanity
combat5: Barmy Army - Stadium Rock
combat6: Moby - Elekfunk (Teetow remix feat. Romeo Knight)
combat8jester: SCATTLE - PXTUNE (Souleye - Positive Force cover)
combat9: Trombone Shorty - Dumaine St.
combatboss: Limit - scream of the earth
victory: 0999 - hors
low health: Ridiculon - Devoid (___________)
blacksmith: Keith LeBlanc - No Sell Out (Instrumental) [portion 1]
shop: Keith LeBlanc - No Sell Out (Instrumental) [portion 2]
trading post: Keith LeBlanc - No Sell Out (Instrumental) [portion 3]


ncrmusic.zip 71 MB

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